W Dom+Jeff

Jeff and Dom choose to do a destination Wedding in Jeff’s home state of Alaska where he grew up. They were married in Juneau, Alaska and it was BEAUTIFUL!! When I first got the call for this destination Wedding, I didn’t quite understand the interest of Alaska for a destination Wedding. I mean usually it’s overseas like Mexico, Italy, Paris or Hawaii. When my second shooter and I landed in Alaska we got in our rental car and started to explore this little town. We instantly fell in love with Juneau! Let’s just say, it has a little piece of my heart forever. I came home and instantly booked my family on a cruise to show them this magical place.

Dom got ready at a local friends house that was close to their first look site and we had this amazing space to do some bridals. In Alaska everyone and I mean EVERYONE wears these one particular boots called, XtraTurf Boots. Locals call them, Alaskan Sneakers, Alaskan Tennis Shoes or Alaskan Slippers. You know you’re an out of towner when you are NOT wearing a pair of these boots. They are everywhere! So Dom wanted to make sure they were apart of her day. I absolutely loved how she rocked them!

Their first look was at the Mendenhall Glacier and I have never seen something as beautiful as this particular spot. It was absolutely breathtaking and such a special moment.

Jeff and Dom choose Orca Point Lodge for their venue. Orca Point Lodge is on it’s own little Island and is only accessible through a catamaran.

Jeff and Dom’s Wedding is one I truly will never forget, their family was some of the most amazing and generous, open hearted people I have met. Congrats Jeff and Dom!!


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